boompje tussen gras

Trees bring life

The trees you can give through Presentree grow in northern Senegal, a politically stable country in West Africa. More specifically in the Sahel region: this is the transition zone between the Sahara and the savannah. The Sahel has been becoming desert faster and faster over the past centuries. The animals and plants are disappearing and the local population is leaving.

But now we are bringing back these forests! The trees are sown and monitored by Lignaverda and maintained by the local population itself. The fertility of the soil improves significantly and after a few seasons agriculture is again possible. This creates a new economy and increases prosperity enormously. Local residents even migrate back to their native region!


60264 Presentrees are already growing in the desert

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Recent Presentrees
  • 19 Feb, Hamme 7 trees for Hilde
  • 19 Feb, Mechelen 10 trees for Noah
  • 19 Feb, Gent 10 trees for Lin
  • 17 Feb, Oudenaarde 5 trees for Lieve
  • 13 Feb, Hemiksem 10 trees for Felipe
  • 12 Feb, Oudenaarde 10 trees for Stijn
  • 10 Feb, Beernem 10 trees for Evelyne
  • 8 Feb, Sint-Amands 10 trees for Sammy
  • 8 Feb, Sint-Amands 10 trees for Elke
  • 8 Feb, Antwerpen 10 trees for Goedele
  • 7 Feb, Mortsel 100 trees for Stephane
  • 6 Feb, Den Haag 10 trees for Norbert
  • 5 Feb, Zoersel 10 trees for Min
  • 4 Feb, Deventer 6 trees for Jur en Gea

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