Frequently Asked Questions

Presentree is a gift that you can give to someone else or yourself. You choose a number of trees that you want to plant and receive a certificate and the details of your piece of forest.

With the purchase of a Presentree you ensure that trees are planted in the Sahel in Africa. These trees will be part of the Great Green Wall', the largest man-made structure. In this way, we are fighting together against poverty of the local population, forced migration and global warming.

Presentree is an initiative of Lignaverda, the organization that ensures that the trees will actually grow there.

Of course! Making a gift to yourself every now and then to make the world a better place never hurts and is fantastically satisfying, doesn't it? Just choose "for myself" when you order.

Your trees are registered with us and will soon be sown by the team of Lignaverda. Preparations are made in the spring of each year, after which the rainy season begins. Shortly thereafter, your tree seeds can start growing, which you can monitor yourself through My Impact!

"My Impact" is a section of the previous website of OZG (now Lignaverda), accessible at It displays in numbers and images how your trees are growing year after year and what impact they are having. When you buy a Presentree, the last email you receive (with the certificate) will contain a registration link for My Impact. So don't forget to send that link to the person you are giving the Presentree to!


Would you still like to participate in the reforestation projects of Lignaverda, with tax deductibility (in Belgium) but without a Presentree? Then make a donation to the Lignaverda via! These go through the Belgian King Baudouin Foundation, so you can get a certificate.

The trees are an investment for the local village, for Senegal, for Africa and for the world. The local population benefits most directly, and they also maintain the forest. The trees are not really yours (nor the land they stand on), but you do get a certificate that recognizes that those trees are there because of you!

Lignaverda, driven by Entrepreneurs Without Borders, is a non-profit organization that has been planting trees in areas affected by desertification since 2010. They are one of the leading organizations building the Great Green Wall. With this they are fighting against poverty of the local population, forced migration and global warming.
Presentree is the initiative that allows you to give trees to someone or yourself, but Lignaverda is the organization that makes sure the trees actually get there.

Lignaverda has several sites in Senegal where they may plant the trees. These are all part of a bigger picture: the Great Green Wall, a project of the African Union and the United Nations to combat desertification. Click on 'Impact' above for more info on this project. Or check the bottom of the homepage to see which area we are currently filling!

The seed you plant with us is also a very big "gift" to Africa and the world. Not only does it help to build the Great Green Wall, but it also ensures prosperity for the local population, combats desertification, prevents refugees, ensures that the climate disruption is slowed down, brings diversity, takes care of nature, brings life back to the barren plains ... You understand: a Presentree is more than just the trees, just because of where they grow!

To get started, click on "Buy a Tree" on this website. Then you can choose how many trees you want planted and who you want to give them to - or just give them to yourself. In addition, we need your personal information to complete the purchase. Once you complete your purchase, you will officially be helping to build the Great Green Wall in Senegal. The digital certificate is sent to you immediately and contains the proof and all the details of your piece of forest.

If you didn't receive anything after you purchased your Presentree, allow 5 minutes for the email to arrive. After that, also check to see if it might have ended up in your 'Unwanted Items', 'Spam' or 'Junk' folder. Still nothing? Then you probably entered your email address wrongly, but no problem: contact us at and let us know which email address you wanted to order with. We will look it up and send it to you!