Who is behing Presentree?

Presentree was developed by a group of enthusiastic people who want to make it possible for everyone to buy trees that have a real impact. They want Presentree to be the ideal gift to give on the occasion of a great event. They do not plant the trees themselves, but leave that to the experts of Lignaverda.


Presentree is an initiative of Lignaverda, a Belgian non-profit organization that has been planting trees in the desert for 10 years. In those 10 years, Lignaverda has built a huge reputation as being the experts on tree planting in West Africa. Lignaverda knows how to work with the local population like no other. Their skills in making contact with the original inhabitants, inspiring them and getting them on board with the project have proven very effective.

After all, the local population is the one asking. Many adults have seen how the forest systematically disappeared during their lifetime and how that destroyed their quality of life. They know: forest is life. And want to do everything possible to maintain and protect the forest. Lignaverda shows them how. They do the rest. Lignaverda supervises year after year, so that agreements made are kept. Lignaverda has offices in Rufisque (Senegal) and Lier (Belgium). The tree sowing method of Lignaverda has also proven to be very efficient. The number of seeds that actually become trees is significantly higher with Lignaverda than with comparable projects.

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More info on the website: lignaverda.org


To achieve a sustainable solution, Lignaverda developed a sophisticated concept. It was developed in northern Burkina Faso, where for 10 years (2007-2017) they developed, launched and maintained a successful reforestation project. The local organization in this country can now move forward. Since 2018, they apply these methods in an adapted form in northern Senegal.

Lignaverda's approach consists of 3 phases:

  1. Involving the community
    Initiating reforestation
    Enhancing the value of the forest

Low Cost

How can we create forests for so little money? That's because our operation is very cost-efficient. The team at Presentree works completely for free! And Lignaverda in Belgium works almost exclusively with volunteers. They also consciously choose to keep their infrastructure as small as possible by using a shared office space, for example. In this way, as many resources as possible go directly to creating forests.

Werner Sels, president of Lignaverda: "By planting forests, we not only stop desertification, but also ensure prosperity so that people no longer have to migrate."
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